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When buying grenades using these colors, they will be colored on the hud: High I've also added in a jump throw: When on slot 4, jumping will release attack. /r/GlobalOffensive - Subreddit dedicated to CS: GO. So in and source, we could bind keys to specific weapons, not just the slot. This is particularly useful so you dont have to cycle through your multiple grenades. CS: GO Pro adreN Tips Throwing grenades fast [] . that binding "wep knife; wep nade" didn't interrupt the sequence like the slot binds do. i. I have Q bound to knife then flash instead of previous weapon because I've never used that feature. You won't be able to vote or comment. Last edited by Mitchell; at GlobalOffensive subscribe unsubscribereaders 14, users here now New? White Casino spiele würfel jump script wasn't functioning, so I've removed it. You won't be able to vote or comment. Do you have an example of anyone doing it?


CS:GO - Grenade Bounce Trick

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Agree on the decoy v for me. Hellcase Cup 5 19h Tengri Imperial. The God-O-Meter is an algorithm analyzing twitch chat to find the most spectacular, godlike, plays. Some users have said to press 1 after throwing but I still get some delays. I switch weapon the moment I throw a nade and it cancels the wait time for you to get your weapon out, making it faster. cs go grenade slots